The best hosting platforms in India

With the start of a new look, new hosting provider and fresh approach, what better way than to say about the same issues I had faced – finding a good and reliable hosting provider.

We all start with a tight budget, being Indians. We always look out for who gives more for less and what features does it provide. There are so many factors to look out for when deciding on a hosting provider but fret not, I ventured into those lands and have experienced it all!

So below is my recommendation list for when you venture out to get hosting for your shiny new domain.

  1. BharatOrigins

The first and foremost recommendation for anyone on a budget. These guys absolutely nail it with their pricing plan and almost anyone can go for a budget hosting with this company. With reliable uptime, free SSL & a single email included with their hosting plan, you can’t go wrong. I know it sounds too good to be true but believe me, it is. I have hosted a lot of my and my friends’ websites with them and have had absolutely no issues whatsoever. A must go for budget people.

2. CloudWays

For those with more cash to spend on and would like more elaborate billing cycle, I would recommend Cloudways. First of all, Cloudways is part of DigitalOcean and hence it offers a lot more support and a lot more ways of having hosts like PHP, Laravel and lots more. To learn more about DigitalOcean’s hosting style please go here. Second, it’s a managed hosting business service (if you don’t know what’s that you need to Google!). But the best part is they have a real time billing cycle and you can pay using Paypal or using a VISA/MasterCard Debit or Credit card. Plans start at $5/month (about ₹700) but the real bill will come in for less.

3. MilesWeb

They claim to be providing the best hosting in all of India and sure, their plans look really promising and tempting at the same time. I have never tried MilesWeb but the on thing that attracted me was some of the features in their plans like Free SSL and JetPack Premium, Cloudfare, etc. They also support each & every WordPress Camp in India and that gives quite a high level of trust to the company. After all, WordPress won’t have JetPack premium status for a bad hosting provider. Prices start at ₹455/month for India server and ₹380/month for US server. For that you get 5 GB SSD Storage and 10 email accounts with 10,000 monthly visits which is enough for any budding blogger.

4. 000webhost

I would really not recommend this solution and use it only in case of trying out WordPress for first time or if you are really unsure about your blogging venture.

000webhost provides you hosting for absolutely no charge at all. Totally FREE! but that plan has a lot of caveats with no customer-support being one of them. In case of problems you are depended on forums to fix your problem. Alongwith that you get 1 GB of storage with 10 GB Bandwidth. It’s really barebones. If you wanna use it, that’s completely on you but I would recommend staying away from it unless there is really the extreme need.

You might be wondering why I only listed 4 when there are a lot of others in this space. Well, I am keeping in mind three things

-More for less

-Quality over quantity

-Easier payments (since this is a big problem in India)

Seems counter-intuitive but this list ticks all of these boxes. So go out now, start your own venture without being worried about the most important part of starting a blog.

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