The best free video editors on the planet

You should never use that crappy software again. Or download pirated software for that matter.

While we all want to create the next immersive video and express our creativity, we always fall short of one simple thing – the video editing software. Countless nights spent doing Google search for the next best video editing software while also trying to get it for free because let’s be honest, in the beginning when we really don’t know anything, we don’t want to pay.

We are years now since the first video editing software came to life and in 2018, thanks to multiple sources of revenue generation, many companies have begun providing software for free to the individuals with a paid version for more advanced features and that’s where beginners like us shine through.

Here is a list of top-notch professional grade video editing software that is available for free legally. Some of this software is also being used in the movie industry!


This particular video editing software is quite popular all around the world and was also used in the editing of the movie The Wolf of Wall Street. It has certain limitations though such as only being exported to 720p but still, it’s a great way to start. Its interface can be a bit overwhelming but there are tons of tutorials and forums to help you out with anything.


Famous all around the Hollywood, Resolve in its earlier days was just a color correction tool. Later on, it added the capabilities of video editing and has become competitive to the likes of Adobe Premiere Pro. This offers almost all of its features for free except for those used in the movie industry which pretty much no individual person would need. And in its latest iteration, visual effects were also integrated as a part of the software so this is your ultimate free heaven!


Another common name in Hollywood but there are some disadvantages which keep it from overcoming Lightworks and Resolve and i.e its interface. It is pretty confusing for someone who is new to the world of video editing. So I would recommend that those who already have some experience and want to go further should use this software.


If you thought Windows & Mac were the only two platform you could go to for video editing then you are completely wrong. This video editor was exclusively launched on Linux and its still in beta for Windows! Granted, it is not as powerful as say Resolve but its a good start on a low hardware machine.

So now that you know all of the good robust video editing tools, get your creative minds working and start producing amazing content for the world to watch.

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